Our approach to residential care is simple. We aim to improve the quality of life for our residents ensuring we make a positive difference to our residents in every way. Excellent care is not just about receiving professional care in lovely surroundings but also being able to plan, enjoy living and looking forward to days ahead. This starts from day 1 with a pre-assessment prior to coming in, so we can understand specific levels of care and support your loved requires on admission.

Our highly trained, committed care staff, focus on promoting independence and supporting you to make the make the daily choices which you like. This is supported via our electronic care planning system where all notes and daily interaction are logged electronically via iPod's. This system provides relative's gateway access to view their loved one's care remotely as it happens and we offer this as a service as soon as the elderly person moves into The Shelley. This creates assurance, transparency and also improves the quality of care within the home with management having remote access to manage and view the daily care of the residents and oversee the care which is being provided.


At The Shelley, we believe that enjoyment should be at the centre of the care we provide. It's our mission to enable everyone to carry on an active life with as much independence as they are able, or want, to have. We believe that no-one should have to give up a much-loved hobby or interest when they move into a care home. Take advantage of a host of activities including craft workshops, flower arranging, art classes, exercise classes, food and wine tasting, bridge afternoons (and in normal non COVID times) guest speakers and professional musicians and visits by local school children. These are all organised and lead by our dedicated Activities Team.

We also have a minibus which we use regularly in the spring and summer months to go out on visits and trips to different parts of Sussex. Our residents love to enjoy an ice cream of cake and coffee and enhances their enjoyment outside the home.

We have our own iPad which can be used to stay in contact with families who are more distant and we have Wi-Fi available throughout the home